NPFBA at Exponor Time2Export
The Nigeria Portugal Friendship & Business Association and the Embassy of Nigeria in Portugal were present at Exponor Time2Export, which took place in Oporto on November 12th. By invitation of Exponor, the Association was present as an exhibitor and shared a stand with the Embassy where information was made available to participants. Additionally, a conference dedicated to Nigeria also took place in the framework of this event. Mr. Simon E. Eze, Minister at the Embassy of Nigeria in Portugal, gave the participants a broad perspective about Nigeria and the opportunities its market represents. Mr. Samuel Pires, Manager at the Association, introduced the audience to the Association and the commercial relations between Nigeria and Portugal. Finally, Mr. Artur Poluektov, from SIBS INTERNATIONAL, gave a presentation about the company's experience in Nigeria, focusing especially on its partnership with the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System.
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